Tatli Intikam with English Subtitles

Tatli Intikam (Sweet Revenge) with English Subtitles

Tatli Intikam

Tatli Intikam with English Subtitles 1
Also known as: Sweet Revenge
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Translation & subtitle: English Subtitles
Release date: 26/03/2016
Ending date: 12/11/2016
Duration: 120 Minutes
Genere: Comedy, Romance
Number of seasons: 1

Pelin has been pursuing happiness but never has reached it. Her luck has been always bad in love. However hard she tries, she hasn’t been able to find the true love. Finally, she thinks she will be able to reach her goal by marrying Tolga, who has been already loved by herself, he leaves her just before their wedding. In the story of Tatli Intikam (Sweet Revenge), we are witnessing a love story that develops in a restaurant. While Pelin tries to get a pardon from Sinan, he tries to forget his first love Pelin after being humiliated in front of other people. It is not obvious if Sinan manages to take his revenge or forgive Pelin easily.

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