No:309 with English Subtitles

No:309 (Room Number: 309) with English Subtitles


No:309 with English Subtitles 1
Also known as: Room Number: 309
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Translation & subtitle: English Subtitles
Release date: 01/06/2016
Ending date: 25/10/2017
Duration: 120 Minutes
Genere: Comedy, Romance
Number of seasons: 2

Onur is a charismatic man, who has a rich family background. He’s the next owner of their family business. His cousin Erol will also the other potential boss for the company. They are both single and don’t have the intention to change it soon, either. They enjoy life and don’t think about the future ahead of them. Yet, they are shaken with the sudden death of their grandfather. Later they find a letter written by their grandfather. It says whoever marries and is able to have a child first, will take the family company. In No: 309, the story is centred around the love story between Lale and Onur. Through later episodes, we see the dramatic changes resulted from the night they spent together.

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